Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Son Has Joined The Navy!

When you raise your kids, you always hope and pray that they will do good in this world. My wife and I would like to announce that our son has joined the Navy. He had to wait nearly 7 months to go to boot camp because of the back log from so many young people joining. Don't believe the news when they say that the military is hurting for recruits. It's just not true. Our son, like so many others who join, are proud of this country and what it stands for and we are proud of them. There is a comment box located just below this slide show. Let them know how you feel. This site is viewed throughout the world and I'm sure they all would like to hear from you.

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Melissa said...

I am so proud of my handsome nephew, Mikey! I love you very much darlin! Miss you!

Aunt Missy

Patrick Scott said...

We miss him too, very much. We miss you to Missy.