Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two Die In Rollover (GRAPHIC)

This crash happened on I-75 Northbound just short of the 428 mile marker. I was sitting on my porch having my first cup of coffee when I thought I heard a tire blow on I-75, which is not uncommon. Suddenly there was another bang that was followed up with terrible crashing sounds. The noise of that vehicle rolling was a sound I shall never forget. I could not see the accident because of the tree line. Before calling 911, I went upstairs so I could tell them what they had. Before I got upstairs the call came out over the scanner.

Columbia County Fire, E.M.S., Sheriffs Office, Lake City P.D. and the Florida Highway Patrol were on scene so fast it was unreal. They did an amazing job and did everything they could to treat the victims. Make sure you thank them all for what they do.

Editors Note**There were no bodies in the vehicle when these pictures were taken.**

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